YES!  You are not required to add the emblem to the memorial if either it is not allowed, or you do not want to.  Our APP will still allow users near the memorial to see the profile you created by using the APP users GPS to automatically locate any memorials near them, OR the profiles can be found online by searching our site by name, location, or other profile details.

While FB is a good tool for sharing content to many people, it is not the ideal place for a memorial page for several reasons.  The largest ones being the content shared in the FB pages are not index-able or searchable from Google making details about your loved ones difficult to find.  The FB user profiles are also often the target of hackers and all will be lost if the page is removed due to being hacked, our data is stored on several servers and even in the unlikely event any data is compromised, we will completely restore it.

Many funeral homes do a great job at creating a page for people to sign in and leave comments, some are also branching into photo sharing as well.  The drawback however is that they are not hosted eternally on their page, often times they are removed after only a few months making the time spent on sharing content to them a waste of time.  Our pages will be stored into eternity and will always be available to share for generations to come.

Included with your emblem is a small tube packet of epoxy glue which can be used to mount the emblem permanently on the memorial.  If you wish to mount the emblem so it can be removed if necessary in the future, we suggest using a 3M strip cut to the shape of your emblem.

No.  If you do not intend to use them emblem for anything you may purchase only a serial number to create your profile page.

The emblems vary in size, but in general they are all just a bit smaller than the size of a business card.  Once the store is set up, all measurements will be included with each emblem.

Yes, we will be able to provide cards with the website name on them to let people know about where they can find your loved ones profile.  In addition to letting people know in this manner, you will also be able to share links on FB, Twitter, via Email, or even text messages to their profile.  This will also indicate the location of their memorial once it is recorded.

Yes, temporarily mounting your emblem somewhere is easy to do using a good two sided tape.  Once you wish to move it from its temporary location, remove the two sided tape and reinstall in its new location.  Once you receive the emblem and it is registered and the spot located using GPS, you will also be able to use the APP to locate the actual spot even without the emblem in its place.